After Effects Class Recordings 2018 Q1

Here you will find all the recordings of the After Effects Basic course 2018 Q1.



In this class we installed the FX Console and some additional scripts. Then we edited a couple of preferences of the program. Lastly we talked about the interface of the program, and general workflow.

Learning about Keyframes


We simply explored all the different types of keyframes that exist in After Effects.

Keyframe Easings and Transitions


In this class we practiced our animation skills and created different transition effects.

3D Tracking


This session we talked about what tracking is. We started with the simple Point/Feature-Tracker in AE, and then went to the 3D Camera Tracker. We used the Power Pin effects to finetune our track, and used a little trick to fake a glass reflection on the inserted poster.

Planar Tracking with mocha


In this class we learned about mocha and how to get different types of trackings out of it.
The second recording is the last half of the class, where I explained the simplest tracking option, as well as the most complex tracking options.
The challenge for our next class is to use mocha in any way you want to manipulate footage, or add something to it.

Animating a graph with counting numbers


We took a Photoshop file and learned about how we can import it in AE. We then used all the elements to animate the graph.
Afterwards we did the same thing with an Illustrator file and animated a motion design pop-in effect with a house icon.

Counting sheep


In this class we animated sheeps jumping over a fence. We learned about how to create a loop in After Effects, and how to convert the resulting video into a GIF with the help of Photoshop.

Different video effects


Today we talked a bit about different video effects. Like timeremapping, blurring a license plate, automating a talking effect based on the waveform of an audio file, creating a round graph, and some more.