After Effects Class Recordings 2018 Q4 Berlin

Here you will find all the recordings of the After Effects Advanced course 2018 Q4 in Berlin.

Basic Animations


In this session we continued animating texts.

3D Tracking


In this class we talked about exporting our videos with the Media Encoder. And we learned how the 3D Tracker works. We used it to add our own video to a filmed screen.

Text Animators and Expressions


The first half of the double session was used to further explore text animations using the text animator. In the last example we went beyond and created a wispy text reveal using the Camera Lens Blur and the Displacement Map effect.
In the second half we then explored different types of expressions and what they can be used for.

Stabilizing / Color Correction / Timewarps / Ps&Ai


In this session we tackled a lot of different small projects.
We learned how to use the Warp Stabilizer to optimize shaky footage.
We used the Lumetri Color effect to give our footage nice color.
Timeremapping was also part of the class.
And last but not least we talked about the different options when importing an Photoshop or Illustrator file.

Transitions #1


We took on the challenge of creating transitions between different elements.
The homework is to create create another transition towards the end of our current animation. How that works is explained towards the end of the video. After that transition you shall create another one that you create on your own. And that can be to any other element that you choose.

Transitions #2


We continued with our transitions, learned how to use the stroke effect to create a hand-writing-in-effect, and we also learned how we can use audio to drive keyframes.