After Effects Class Recordings 2018 Q4

Here you will find all the recordings of the After Effects Advanced course 2018 Q4.

Screen Track with mocha – part 1


In our first session of the quarter we filmed a laptop screen and tracked it in mocha in order to add our own content to it. We even learned how to extend it, to get the impression of an AR demo.

Screen Track with mocha – part 2


In our second session we continued with our AR demo.



In this session we tackled a small animation of a ghost – which consists entirely of expressions. Not a single keyframe was harmed in the process.



Inspired by halloween we took a look at faking wounds and making scary black eyes.

2.5D and glow


Going back to the roots of After Effects we explored how we can use 2.5D to create a nice product animation in a modern glowy style.

Random Transitions – part 1


This session we went a bit freestyle. Everyone chose a random image and our challenge is now to create transitions between each of them.

Random Transitions – part 2


We continued on with our transitions and morphed the I to the head – and turned the head into an illustrated sunset.