After Effects Class Recordings 2019 Q1 Hamburg

Here you will find all the recordings of the After Effects Basic course 2019 Q1 in Hamburg.

Installation / General Settings / Overview


In the first session we installed a couple of plugins and tools. After that we had a quick overview of the interface, and learned about the basics of keyframes.

Text animations – part 1


In this session we started with a little animation project where we focus on text animations.

Text animations – part 2 / 3D Map animation


We finished our text animation and learned how to change numbers like magic.
Then we covered some additional topics, like changing a website with CSS and I showed an extension for Chrome that you can use to alter website permanently to your liking. Here the link, if you are interested:
After that we learned how to stitch images with Photoshop, and how to use Rove across keyframes.

Tracking and Stabilizing


This class we talked about different techniques when it comes to tracking. We used the 3D Camera Tracker and the Warp Stabilizer.

More tracking


We took our tracking skills a bit further and created a playful animation.

Website animation in 2.5D Part 1


In todays session we started with a website animation and we learned about Master Properties.

Website animation in 2.5D Part 2 / Numbers and Bars


After we finished our website animation I showed you how we can animate a loading bar and have everything interactively connected to a slider. I showed you also some other examples of creating different types of graphs.

Animating to Music – Part 1


We learned how to animate to music, learned a basic glitch technique and multiple other animation tricks.

Animating to Music – Part 2


We continued with our project from the previous session.