anyScale v1.2 – make your Muse page “scale responsively”


(Click image to download)

With this Widget you can make your entire Muse page automatically scale to better match different window sizes.

100% Width:
This will just fit the width of the Muse page to the width of the browser window.

This will detect the entire size of the page and will scale and center it to fit into the browser.

Similar to the 100% Width, but you can define a minimum height. If that limit is surpassed the page will scale based on the entered height, instead of the width.

Do not overscale:
This will detect, if your page would be scaled up because of one of the options above. If so, it will restrict it to a maximum of 100%.

How to use:
Download the Widget by clicking on the image above. Once downloaded and unzipped you can simply drag the *.mucow file onto your Muse page and select your options.
If there is a newer Version of the Widget available, you can rightclick on the only one on your Muse page and choose “Replace…”