anyScale – Hype

Sometimes the default responsive options in Hype are just not enough.
That’s why I have created a little script that adds a couple of additional scaling options to your elements.
The following videos will explain to you in detail how this works.

Part 01 – The issue:

Part 02 – Installation:

Part 03 – Static elements:

Part 04 – Animated elements:


I have updated the anyScale script and it now does not require jQuery anymore.
This means that you only need to download 1 file, and that is this one:
Download anyScale_Hype

And here is a very short summary in written form:

Add the script to Hypes resources folder.

Then create/add a function for each page at the “On Scene Load” with the following line in it:


Then add one of the following classnames to apply the corresponding responsive scaling to that element: