Building your portfolio with Divi

In the following videos I demonstrate a few techniques for creating your own portfolio with WordPress/Divi.
I recommend watching all of them while following along. That way you get a good feeling for how everything works.
After you watched all videos below, you can start building your own designs.

My suggestion generally is to make a mockup in Ps or Ai first, and then try to replicate it with Divi – as soon as you hit a challenge that you don’t know how to tackle, let me know!

At the bottom of the page I will link solutions to commonly asked questions, as soon as they arise, and I will also add another video for creating a mobile version – so right now you should just focus on the desktop version.

Alright, enough reading, let’s start with the videos!

01 overview of wordpress (09:26)

02 divi and image optimization (13:28)

03 work page from scratch (13:00)

04 clone pages and embed videos (07:19)

05 landing page and thumbnail hover effects (15:13)

06 global settings and menu (22:35)

07 mobile version (06:56)

Sorry for the bad quality. I should reupload a cleaner version when I get the time…