Cinema 4D Class Recordings 2019 Q2 Berlin

Here you will find all the recordings of the Cinema 4D Advanced course 2019 Q2 in Berlin.

Preloader animations


This quarter started with some light and small looping animations.
Below you can see a preview of the endresults:



In this session we created a seamlessly looping animation in an instagram-style:

Photo Integration


In this session we learned how to integrate 3D objects with real world photos. In one example we did it freestyle, in the other we got a bit more technical by using the Camera Calibrator:

Another looping animation


In this class we animated a small loop:

3 Chapters


This session was split into 3 chapters.

Chapter 1 – UV Layouts

Chapter 2 – Illustrator to C4D | Plugins | Abstract Hair Render Technique

Chapter 3 – Random things you liked explained

All about Cameras


In this class we learned all about camera animations: