Counting Numbers

In the following three videos I talk about different techniques for creating counting numbers (even in the form of time or a date).

Part 1:

Here I talk about how to animate simple counting numbers with the help of the Slider Effect and a little bit of Expressions.
The expression we are using is:


additinally we can add text like so:

“Distance left: “+linktoslider.value.toFixed(0)+”m”



Part 2:

Here I talk about how you can connect different objects to the slider as well. I also briefly talk about the “linear” expression, with which we can define how the connections should be mapped. So, as an example, as our slider counts from 0-100 another value should animate fom 100-0.
The linear expression looks like so:




Part 3:

In this last part I talk about a technique that works without expressions and has advantages like generating leading zeroes, time, or even dates. However, you cannot add custom text to it, and the maximum value is 30000.