Cinema 4D Class Recordings 2017 Q4

Here you will find all the recordings of the Cinema 4D Advanced course 2017 Q4.

Glossy Circular Loop


In this class we created a glossy circular loop, and we added some color correction and glow in After Effects.

Website Mockups


We created a scene with which we can show a website mockup in a fancy 3D perspective.
Team Rendering was also a topic.
Towards the end we briefly touched different topics, like:
Projecting a Texture (like a logo), recreating a 3D scene from just a picture, cloth, using image based displacement for more detailed renderings.



We used a couple of different techniques (using MoText, Cloner, Fracture, Connector) to create a text made up of different wooden plates. We also recreated a camera and basic scene based on an image to integrate our text into a photograph.
At the end of the class we talked about different smaller techniques, like:
How to get a nice clean white render look, connecting cogwheels interactively together with the help of XPresso, using the Tracer Object to trace the motion of particles, tracing the position of points of an object, and last but not least we talked briefly about the Toon Shader and different comic-like rendering techniques.



This class we modelled a vintage audio recorder and mushrooms, and explored different techniques to render them with the Sketch&Toon module. We used Photoshop to enhance our renderings.

Cristmas & Abstract


In this last Cinema 4D session we created a candy like stroked text effect, and dis some weird random abstract… thing.